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Yoxier Waterproof V Face Makeup Adhesive Tape Invisible Breathable Lift Face Sticker Lifting Tighten Chin 40pcs


Face lift stickers
Quickly lift one’s chin
Invisible double chin
Change face shape

Product Features
Lasting/Up to 10 hours
Safety/Physical lifting without side effects
Skin-friendly/Anti-allergy material
Waterproof/Sweat and oil do not affect
Elasticity/Can stretch a certain length
Breathable/Pores breathe freely
Stealth/Only 0.02mm thick

Waterproof, with a strong elasticity, will not make your face feel tight.
Glossy Reflective:It is obviously difficult to apply makeup on the face
Matte Stealth:Invisible natural makeup service post

Use contrast
Lifts and tightens skin instantly, shape V face.
Helps to slim and firm face, for giving a nice face shape.

Correct Use Way
1/No effect if you directly paste
2/Do not mention the skin only stickers,it will
havefolds,look unnatural.
3/Too much lifting will irritate the skin.
4/Don’t over-pulling, pull it with your skin,natural and safety.

1/Use oil-free lotion to washyour face where you want to paste
2/Choose place to paste 1.
3/Press 1 and pulling the skin,then take-up 1.
4/Press 1 and 2,fixed for 3 seconds
5/Move blue arrow protection film which on 1 and 2.
6/Propedr lifting
It will be better if you move blue arrow protecter film after 3 minutes.

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