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Xtreme7 Xtreme9 pump Enlargement increasing x30 Water Spa pump Pe-Nis Enlargment Vacuum Water pump With Shower Strap carry box


Enlargement Water Vacuum Pump Series

Product Description:

Product Name: Penis spa vacuum Pump
Model: X7 Xtreme, X9 Xtreme
Color: Clear
Important Reminder(Size selection):
When Penile erection, If the lenght is between 15 to 18cm and the diameter is less than 5.6cm, then you could choose model with X9 xtreme;
If the lenght is between 12cm to 15cm and the diameter is less than 4.6cm, then you could choose model with X7 xtreme.
Material:100% midical silicone,polycarbonate
Application:Physical Methods Increasing The Penis

Impportant Notes:

1. Use time: Don’t more than 15 mins within 24 hour

2.Before use:
a. Please shaved all Pubic hair;
b. Please adjust the body to be relaxed in warm water and keep the 5-10 mins

3. Use method: Recommended that 3 groups be treated for treatment within 15 mins. 3-5 mins a group and rest 1-3 mins to processing next group
a. Please make sure the both scrotum and testicle could not be indraft into cylinder, otherwise it will cause harm to them
b. After use finished, the penis will appears Hyperemia and swelling. Please don’t worry, it is a normal . After 1-2 hour, it will be disappeared
c. Please use in strict according to the requirements of the instructions

X7 Xtreme or X9 Xtreme included as below:
1 x Measure Ruler
1 x x7 Xtreme pump or X9 Xtreme Pump
1 x Hand Ball pump
1 x Shower Strap
1 x Soft Hose
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Carry Box
1 x Instruction book
1 x Security lock

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