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Wrinkle Pure Seaweed Alga Facial Mask Powder

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Efficacy: Collagen is the best skin product by refined from tropical rarity plant.It is compound of protein collagen fibrin,kinds of vitamin mineral and keeping damp genes. It even can whiten,desalt splash,cure scar,poise skin water,advance cell energy,clean out face rimple,revert skin flexibility and be fit to any kind of skin.

Directions: 1.Cleanse and dry your face thoroughly.

2.Pour one pack (about 14 grams) seaweed facial mask into the container,then infuse moderate water and mix them into mushy.

3.Equably lay it on the face by singlestick,20minutes later wipe it off and wash with warm water.

4.Effect will be obvious three times every week.

Note: sensitive skin in use for the first time, first in ear to try. If you are unwell, do not use.

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