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Whitening body shower gel Volcanic Mud Shower Gels Whole Body Fast Whitening Body wash Remove gel Whitening cleaning gel 250ml

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250ml Volcanic Shower Gel Whiten Moisturising Deep Cleansing Skin Care Body Wash

1. Contains coconut oil, citric acid and other nourishing elements, which is safe and non-irritant to skin.
2. Suitable for all skin types, it is a wonderful choice for family.
3. Deep cleans skin and pores, making skin smooth and delicate.
4. Nourishes and brightens whole body, moistens the skin, which can make the skin transparent.
5. Lighten your skin, makes skin glow dynamic vitality.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Ingredients: volcanic ash, betaine, coconut oil, citric acid, glycerin
Function: Whitening and moisturizing skin
Capacity: 250ml

Package List:
1 * Shower Gel

1. Stop using immediately if you feel unwell after use.
2. For those with sensitive skin, a local skin sensitivity test should be conducted before use, and no irritating reaction should be applied after the test.
3. Do not use on unhealed or inflamed wounds.

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