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Vitex pharmacos dead sea Thalasso-wrap thermoactive dirty


Salt, dirt of the Dead Sea complex pro-slim-increases the elasticity and elasticity of the skin,-reduces fat deposits and manifestations of cellulite,-has a strengthening and healing effect,-stimulates blood circulation and removal of toxins. Thalasso wrap based on deep sea mud and Dead Sea salt enriched with exclusive антицеллюлитным complex pro-slim, active algae and natural extract of red pepper, is a highly effective healing, tightening and firming procedure for the beauty and elasticity of your body. Deep sea dirt of the Dead Sea cleanses the skin, improves water-fat exchange in cells, stimulates blood circulation, saturates with medicinal substances. Complex pro-slim (caffeine, teophillin, green coffee extract, ginger extract) intensively splits subcutaneous fat deposits, removes slag and excess liquid, has a pronounced effect. Microcrystals 20 Dead Sea minerals normalize the main functions of the skin, improve the processes of skin metabolism, strengthen the connecting tissue, smooth and tighten the skin. High-active algae provide a noticeable effect of lifting, increase skin density, give непревзойденную smoothness, elasticity and silky. Extract of red pepper refuses warming effect, stimulating the skin to a more intensive and deep penetration of active substances. Result: the skin is tightened and smoothed, the manifestations of cellulite are reduced.

Ingredients: Water, Dead Sea dirt, alcohol, глицерилтрикаприлат/Corporal, этилгексилизононаноат, propyl glycol, emulsion wax, algae (Fucus vesiculosus, Ascophyllum nodosum, Lithothamnium calcareum), cerezine, цетеарет-25, dead Sea salt, coffee Arabica grain extract (green coffee), caffeine, феноксиэтанол, метилпарабен, этилпарабен пропилпропилпапропилтететепропилпропилпропилтететете Perfume composition, Capsicum annuum extract (pepper), Root Extract Zingiber officinale (Ginger), citric acid, 2-бром-2-нитропропан-1, 3-diol

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