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1 General require user wear the orthodontic braces for 1-2 hours during the day, and 8 hours at night.

2 At first week, your teeth may feel pain and soreness, this is normal. You need keep on using everyday.

3 These orthodontic braces with good quality, but do not bite them, avoid deformation.

4 Before and after use them, please clean with a toothbrush use cold or warm water,do not use hot water! Then put them in clean box.

This teeth retainer is made of medical grade plastic. It is safety for human body.

Straighten the teeth not a short time thing, you need keep on using them. Do not suspect their effect, they need time to proof themself!

Do not leave bad comments when you only use them several days.Effect will show after 6 monthes. We are honest seller!

stage 1+ stage 2

Stage 1 is softer ,use this blue one,give the mouth a time to accomodate.

Stage 2 is harder, use this white one, ater the accommodation with the blue one.

Target User: Adult or Children older than 12 years

For the following situation:

1) Mild column

2) Adult mild crowded teeth dislocation,

3) Patients, corrective rebound have enough clearance.

4) Fixed orthodontic retainer after teeth


Slight pain is normal, please shorten the using time.

If you feel significant pain, please stop using

Instructions for use:

Before the first use may have a slight smell, with warm water soak.

Wash the corrector in hot water before use.

If necessary, using a toothbrush and toothpaste for brushing, just began to use will have a foreign body sensation, nausea,

slobber more, tooth pain and other symptoms, to adapt slowly will ease.

The use of once time may not have obvious effect, need users perserve.

Package including: 1 Pc Alignment Trainer or 2 pc Alignment Trainer(Depends on your choice)

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