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Thailand Jam AUSA organic Rice acne natural face soap bar handmade beauty wash face oil control bath soap hair bear body

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handmade Thai rice soap rice milk soap brightening

Products Description

•Unique blend of natural and organic ingredients
•Restores healthy pH Balance
• You can feel fresh, comfortable and healthy.

100% made in hand with natural and organic plant extracts.
It does not contain any additives and will not pollute the environment and water.
It is a truly organic and environmental skin care product.


Step1: Soothe the soap.
Wet the soap first, warm it in the palm of your hand for one minute, and activate it with the heat of your palm.
Only the activated soap can be pulled out of the sticky plant oil and can be drawn.
Step2: Release.
Rub the plant oil with your hands or the blistering net until it is rich in active foam.
Step3: Clean.
Enjoy your face/hand/body cleaning.


1. No irritation: handmade soap is mild and less irritating to the skin.
It contains glycerin, which has excellent moisturizing effect.
2. No pollution: after 24 hours of contact with water, the foam of handmade soap
will be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by bacteria, which will not cause water pollution.
3. Low-temperature hand-made: Made in hand with 45℃, retains the simplicity and natural characteristics of the plant materials,
reduces the loss of nutrients, and integrates the art of this item into the simple life.
4. Containing virgin vegetable oil, plant essential oil and without additives.
5. No addition, no irritation, the skin will be moist and not tight after washing face or bathing.

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