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Stainless Steel Soap Oval Shape Deodorize Smell From Hands Retail Magic Eliminating Odor Kitchen Bar Chef Soap DropShip


1. The steel soap while rubbing his hands, while washing with running water can be 30-60 seconds. Remove all kinds of smell, without any detergent.

2. Block wet towel (or soaked in a bowl of steel soaps half of the soap) can remove the refrigerator in addition to taste, bathroom odor, medicine, disinfection, taste Used in conjunction with water. The product life of up to several decades, a purchase.

3. Note: Please do not fire, boiling water, violence and direct friction tableware disassembly, etc., can be a block of wet towel scrubbing tableware or tableware with a half soak for some time, running water rinse, you can remove the smell of tableware;

5. You can remove the peculiar smell, soak half of the stainless steel soak in a bowl of water, placed in the vicinity of the pet nest can be;

6. In addition to underarm odor, bath block wet towel to wipe the body can be. In addition to foot odor, foot block when the wet towel to scrub the stinking feet can be.

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