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Sodium Bicarbonate 25 kg, insumo original ecological natural, premium quality. Product ce

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The grilled sódico is a high quality product, visible on the market as insumo eco-friendly natural original and with a high degree of purity. It is an essential product within the focus by its multiple applications. We offer the best natural products, provide the best quality and service in all our transformation process. Our grilled sodio comes in a poly bag alimentario, 100% free of BPA (bisphenol A, chemical harmful to health and the environment), preserving so one best quality product and free agent transgénicos and antiaglomerantes.

We work every day to create environmentally friendly products, innovative and durable, using natural substances, that impacten meet in life of our consumers. By this, the grilled sodio presents as the most natural solution for efficient cleaning your house, visible by its multiple uses and applications :

• Excellent alternative as cleaning product 100% natural for kitchens and bathrooms.

• Their composition organic made at sodio grilled in a perfect cleaner bed Baby (toys, mattress, cunas, etc.).

• Agent desodorizante from bad odors hearthrug (refrigerator, closets, etc.).

• Ideal as fungicida natural for all type of garden.

• Quitamanchas effective clothing clothes, mat, upholstery sofas and other textiles.

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