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Smart Shoulder Neck Massager Wireless Cervical Massager Waist Neck Electric Massage Instrument Neck Instrument


1. Link cervical pain: The product passes through the low-cycle pulse technique, penetrates the skin 3~5 cm, breaks through the pain points and relieves cervical pain.
2. Promote blood circulation: The product has a constant temperature of 42 °C, relax blood vessels, speed up blood circulation, and relieve cervical pain.
3. Multi-function: The product has 3 massage modes and 15 speed adjustments to meet different massage needs.

This product is suitable for all people who have a need to massage the cervical spine.

Color: white, pink, blue,
Material: PC, silicone
Power mode: USB
Battery capacity: 1600mAh
Input standard: DC/5V DC
Maximum power: 5W
Quiescent current:
Control method: mechanical
Massage technique: shiatsu, sniper, kneading, tapping, massage
Massage contact: 3

Package Included:
1 x smart shoulder massager

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