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Sea Salt Soap Acne Treatment Shrink Pore Whitening Remove Blackhead Moisturizing Facial Cleanser


100% brand new and high quality.
Product Details :
Natural ingredients, mild and non-irritating
The main ingredients are: sea salt, goat milk, glycerin, coconut yogurt.
Sea salt soap can effectively remove mites and improve skin problems caused by mites, such as large pores, acne, blackheads, oily skin, and acne.
Goat’s milk has a moisturizing effect, which makes the skin soft and smooth. The goat’s milk extract keeps the skin supple and elastic, brightens the skin.
The sodium cocoate in the product deepens the pores, clears pores and reduces pores.
Use this soap to improve and repair the skin, leaving it white and
Usage :
1. Moisturize the face with water,
2. Beat the soap with a delicate foam.
3. Apply the foam to the face and gently massage in a circular motion.
4. Rinse off with clean water, be sure to confirm that there is no foam.
5. After wiping the water with a soft towel, apply a moisturizer product to lock the moisture.
Net wt:100g
Size:Full Size
Package Included:
1*Sea Salt Soap

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