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Sea salt of the Dead Sea for baths “camomile” 300g Organic Bath Salt Ball Natural Bubble Bath Bombs Ball Aromatic Aromatherapy Natural Air Fresh Body


Тoлько oригинальная сертифицирoванная прoдукция
Гарантийнoе oбслуживание in oфициальных сервиcах
Курьерoм дo двeри зa 2-7 рабoчих днeй in 50 гoродов

Water, enriched valuable salt, сбалансирует metabolism and care about beauty and elasticity of your skin. Daisy-natural antiseptic, bath with chamomile are recommended for sensitive and inflamed skin. Bath with chamomile help нормализовать sleep and make it sturdy, in periods of high nerve. Method of use: Making Bath растворите 3 spoons cutlery salt under water.
Composition: Salt Sea, extract flowers daisy flowers Daisy.

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