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Sea bath salt with rose tea flowers, lavender and chamomile 250 ml Organic Bath Salt Ball Natural Bubble Bath Bombs Ball Aromatic Aromatherapy Natural Air Fresh Body

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Тoлько oригинальная сертифицирoванная прoдукция
Гарантийнoе oбслуживание in oфициальных сервиcах
Курьерoм дo двeри зa 2-7 рабoчих днeй in 50 гoродов

Bath with sea salt-gorgeous spa procedure at home, which relieves stress and fatigue, relaxes the muscles, saturates the skin natural minerals and trace elements. Delicate scents rose lavender гармонизируют work of the nervous system and подарят you pleasant emotions. Extract tea rose enhances тургор skin, strengthens the wall vessels, омолаживает skin. Extract Mountain Lavender activates обменные processes, improve microcirculation blood, eliminate irritation and peeling, soothes the skin. Chamomile extract moisturizes and softens skin, provides easy antibacterial effect. Method of use: Making Bath растворите 3 spoons cutlery salt under water.
Composition: Salt Sea, extract flowers lavender, rose flower extract, extract flowers daisy flowers lavender, flowers and petals rose, flowers Daisy.

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