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Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid Severe Loss Invisible BTE Ear Aids High Power Amplifier Sound Enhancer 1pc For Deaf Elderly

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Manufacture: China , Chinese Factory Homegrown products for Sale
Type: Hearing Aid
Maximal Sound Output: ≤ 80dB ± 5dB
Input of Adapter: 100-300V Alternating Current 50/60HZ 0.15A
Color: Gold Silver

Note: To protect your hearing, please don’t use this product at a high volume for a long time.

Not suitable for the crowd
1. According to the average frequency of pure tone audiogram language frequency calculation, or in the 0-30db without the use of hearing aids
2. Sudden deafness, especially occurring within three months
3. Tinnitus, unilateral or bilateral
4. Rapidly progressive hearing loss
5. Obscure aural crowds with unexplained hearing
6. Serious binaural otitis externa, otitis media, pus, and double external auditory canal closure

Package Include
1 X Hearing Aid
3 X Earplug
1 X Recharger


The actual color and shape of the item might looks slightly different from pictures because of the technical improvement and manufacturing variance or Computer screen color difference.

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