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Wonderful Honey Male Performance Product

VIP is Product

Excellent Men’s Product

Wonderful honey

Contains: Ginseng contains ginger, coconut, cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter, the milk and vanilla flavors.


Use of; A package 30-45 minutes before the relationship is taken either plain, milk or hot water, mixed with tea.

The effect can continue for 48 hours,

A box of Wonderful honey consists 12 of single-use packages. A disposable package is taken taken orally 45 minutes before intercourse and then 2 of glasses water are drunk to spread the effect throughout the body.

Wonderful Honey should be used once a day.

It is suitable for men,

Content; Red gingseng, tribulus, strained flower honey, royal jelly, carob extract, pollen tongkat ali root, cinnamon.

Inside: 15g. X 12 squares

Keep out of the reach of children. Alcohols are not recommended for use together.

It is not a drug but a food supplement.

This product, whose name you often start to hear nowadays, is a herbal mixture prepared for male’s users. It is not in the used treatment or diagnosis of any disease. Therefore, it is not any by prescribed physician. With the order you place on our official sales site, you can get this product in a short time and start trying. We recommend that you read the instructions on the original product sent to you before using it. In the end, you can start using this product, which you think is appropriate for you, at any time. You will have a pleasant shopping experience with the privileged service understanding of our site.

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