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Milling Cutter Ceramic Diamond Nail Drill Bit Electric Nail Rotary Burr Cuticle Manicure Machine Pedicure Drill Bit Tool KADS

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Yellow:Extra Fine


Material: ceramic,carbide

Color: blue/ green /red/yellow/poml

Shank Size:2.35mm

Weight: 6g

package: 1x Ceramic Nail Drill Bit or 1x Diamond drill bit


> This is great for all types of nail work from sculpting, buffing, to polishing.

> Convenient use and light weight .

> Compact and easy to store or take with you.

> Great for a salon or home use!


1.Reshape your nails

– Intersectant stripes of the drill head can help you polish and reshape your nails.

2.Remove the dead skin

– Small size and cuspidal design make it easier to remove the dead skin near your nails.

3.It also can be used to removel dead skin for finger nails and toe nails.

4.It is made of alloy or Ceramics.

5.Can also be used for wiping away nail gel.

6.Storage box is provided, easier to store.

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