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Massage Head Collection Replaceable Percussion Instrument Deep Massage Gun Puzzle Tip Set Body Muscle Fitness Relaxation Massage


Name:For Jigsaw Massager Bit Tip Set
Material: ABS / silicone / metal/wood

Type 1:EVA ball head
Diameter: 50mm
Type 3:Silicone cone
Inclination angle 40deg / height 40mm
Type 4:U-head (ABS)
Width: 58mm
Type 8:Big Wooden ball head
Diameter: 40mm
Type 9:Spade head(ABS)
Width: 58mm

-Our Massage Heads are using scientific vibration frequency and amplitude, easily replace.
Promoted healthy blood flow and alleviates joint pain.
-Helps reduce muscle sorencess.
-The standard ball is suitable for small muscle groups, the large ball is suitable for large muscle groups.
-Pefect tool for Athletes powerlifters and weightlifters.

Tested for jigsaws:
For Black & Decker JS20 series
For Black & Decker 4.5Amp
For Black & Decker LPS 7000
For Dewalt 5.5Amp
For Boschs JS120BN (For All Boschs can use)
For Milwaukee M18
For Porter 6amp
For Worx wx540 wx550
For Ryobi all series
For Makita all series
For All Booster Massage guns

package including:
Massage head*1
Connecting rod *1

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