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Massage Gun Back Body Fitness Massager to Increase Muscle Pain Relief Weight Loss Expert and Muscle Relaxation



1. By hitting the muscles quickly, it speeds up blood circulation and relieves pain.
2. Muscles are shaking quickly, consuming fat, thereby achieving the purpose of increasing muscle mass.
3.use the same position as much as possible within 1 minute.


1. Do not touch while operating, press the massage head.
2. Do not impact the joints.
The fascia gun is generally suitable for muscle soft tissue. If the impact is directly on the joint, it is almost the same as directly knocking the joint on the stone, which is easy to cause joint damage.
3. Not all parts are suitable for use
Muscles such as the neck, chest and abdomen, and armpits are thinner, and close to the organs and aorta are not recommended at all.
4. Infants, minors, pregnant women, wear pacemakers, fractures or metal content in the body should not be used.

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