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KLASVSA Inflatable Cervical Neck Traction Massager Therapy Device Adjustable Neck Stretcher Collar Spine Health Care Relaxation

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Cervical traction

Stiff neck,shoulder pains,Arms&fingers numb muscle
weaknessInsomnia,dizzy,blurred vision

Have you ever suffered from any of the following?

You need a Neck Traction Massager

CT cervical display

Driving, sedentary, etc.,
causing cervical spine to
straighten or sag

Normal cervical vertebra
is not a straight line,
but an arc state

3 steps to relieve cervical pain



Lock the neck and
relieve soreness

360° wrapped neck, decompression stretch

Lock the neck, the lower jaw and the clavicle
to correct the curvature of the cervical spine,
so that the damaged cervical vertebra can
get enough rest, reduce the pressure and
ensure the normal metabolism of the
cervical spine.


Open the cervical intervertebral
space to relieve pain

Inflatable traction, correcting cervical vertebra


Maximum height:20cm
9 stereoscopic gas columns were simultaneously pulled,
the maximum traction force was 20 cm, and the cervical
intervertebral space was opened to restore the
healthy cervical curvature.


Pneumatic thrust, traction reset

20° rear elevation arc pressure thrust



Use 30 days

Use 60 days


Inner village

High-grade cotton woven fabric
Reticulated, breathable, anti-allergic


PU fabric
High elasticity and wear resistance of
leather ensure traction and service life

Comfortable, soft, breathable, heat-dissipating, durable

How to use

Place the sponge pad
on your chest

Stick the inflatable tape to
the sponge pad

Connect the air pump to start pumping,
and then take off the air
pump after filling the air.

After the treatment is complete,
remove the retractor, the pressing force
is aligned hole slightly deflated


Restores and Maintains Physiological Cervical Curve; At the same time, it stretches your stiff muscles around
the neck and shoulders.
Powerful traction via hand pump to release neck muscles and pinched nerves, to stretch cervical vertebrae,
more traction, and more strength.
Different from drug treatment and surgical treatment, this neck brace cervical tractor is based on physical therapy,
without any harm to the body. It can completely solve our cervical problems as long as we adhere to long-term use.
Fast neck pain relief – Without medication from stress and pressure of neck pain, shoulder pain, strains, whiplash,
tension, head & cervical vertebral area. It also helps to improve the blood supply for vertebral artery and brain.

KLASVSA Inflatable Cervical Neck Traction Massager Therapy Device
Adjustable Neck Stretcher Collar Spine Health Care Relaxation



①Relax tight muscles,pinched nerves,neck pain,tension headaches.
②Providing traction along with the physiological curve through inflated air bladder backwards.
③Helps to treat neck type,nerve root type,and vertebral artery type cervical spondylosis.
④The unique expansion belt design provides traction effect and the ergonomically designed frontal
collar covered with soft pad provides comfort,support and stability.
⑤Easy to be removed and applied.


①.For people who have Cervical spondylosis.
②.For people who is smartphone addicts such as students.
③.For the officer who work always sit in front of the computer for long time.
④.For people whose neck got injured.



(7-35 DAYS)

(25-90 DAYS)

(25-65 DAYS)

(20-40 DAYS)

(15-35 DAYS)

(7-35 DAYS)

(10-30 DAYS)

(7-35 DAYS)

(15-35 DAYS)

(7-35 DAYS)

(7-35 DAYS)

(7-25 DAYS)


(7-35 DAYS)

(7-35 DAYS)

(20-30 DAYS)


(15-35 DAYS)



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