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House of nature salt bath “pleasure” with Crimean wine

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Have you ever tried bath salt with wine? Usually we buy salt with mint, citrus, lavender or chamomile, but salt with wine-something unusual!
A bath with such a means will become a real pleasure after a hard day! Pleasant aromatic composition of orange and neroli improves mood, tones, helps to fully relax, promotes restoration of internal harmony.
The product contains grape extract, which has an antioxidant effect. Thanks to this, the skin remains young and fresh longer. Also, grapes eliminate traces of stress and fatigue, makes the skin more radiant.
In this combination of salt, grapes and essential oils, many useful for the skin of vitamins.
If you regularly use salt, then a bad mood appears much less often! The remedy is a real antidepressant.

Country of production: Russia
· Weight: 400.0G

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