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Himalayan salt swimwear mix-500g-relax


Energizes: Lemon essence oils, ginger and orange + avocado oil

Salt mineral rich Himalayan with s 100% essential oil, avocado oil and flower Marigold’s.

The powers healing the toilets salt still be value up our days thanks to the benefits for the health well documented the old Greek. And the choose a salt soak, & iexcl; The variety pure Himalayan Queen Supreme!

Because the Himalayan table salt is so rich in minerals… To be exact 84 minerals… Soak in salt water, soothes and repairing damaged skin and promotes cellular renewal. And with little extra olive, jojoba oil, evening primrose and others base oils, nourish and moisturize the skin.

However, no we stopped there and we ‘ve added many pure essential oils and dried flowers for create the best experience BATH aromatherapy.

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