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Hemorrhoids Ointment Chinese Cream Powerful Hemorrhoids Cream Internal Hemorrhoids Piles External Anal Fissure medical plaster

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Warm Tips:
1.Exactly Hemorrhoid ins’t kind of horrible disease .It often caused by long sitting,greasy and spicy diet.
And drivers ,officeladies and men,pregnant women are mostly likely to suffer from Hemorrhoids.
However,70% of patients never take it seriously until it is much worse.
So we sincerely suggest that customer should pay more attention to homorrhoid.
No attention to hemorrhoid until hemorrhoid attention to you.

Basic Information:
Product Name:Hemorrhoids Ointment
Package Included:1Tubes
We suggest that customers buy 3 Tubes 1 Treatment Course.


* It works by shrinking the distended veins in and around the anal cavity.

* Provides soothing relief to the sensitive area of the anus.

* Supports vein and capillary health of the anal passage.

* Promotes smooth evacuation of feces.

* Antibacterial,has a strong inhibitory effect and can help relieve itching, burning, pain or discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.

* Suitable for suffering from hemorrhoids.

* How to use : For external use. After cleaning the anus,take this product apply on affected area, 1-2 times a day.


NET WT:20g

Ingredient:Sophora flavescens, Phellodendron, fructus cnidii, Camphor, Lanolin, Vaseline, etc.

Country/Region of Manufacture:China

Skin Type:All skin types


Size Type:Full size


Package included:

1 X Hemorrhoids Cream


1.Due to the different display and different light,the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.

2.Do not enter the eyes and eyes, allergic to this product with caution.

3.Storage method: sealed and stored in a cool dry place.

Thanks for your understanding.

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