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Hearing Amplifier with Digital Noise Canceling Digital Invisible Sound Amplifier For The Elderly with Hearing Aid Battery A10

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New Best quality Analog Hearing Aid ,Mini CIC hearing aid J01

Sound Output (SSPL) 120+3db

Sound Gain (DSPL) 25±5db

E0 Input Noise 32db

Frequency Range 450Hz~5000Hz

Working Current 2mA

Harmonic Wave Distortion(THD) 4%

Battery/Cell Type A10

Voltage D.C.1.3V

There are Whistle as you put the battery into the hearing aid .

Please donot worry .because the air presure will make Whistle.
1.Please adjust lower volume .
2.Choose the suitable ear plug
3.Make sure if you put the earplug tightly,sound leak will make the Whistle.

Due to the post office has restrictions on transport security,

only one battery can be sent

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