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ERUIKA 6pcs/set Rubber Silicon Nail Drill Milling Cutter for Manicure Bit Flexible Polisher Machine Electric Nail File Art Tools

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Item Name: silicon nail drill
Item Condition: 100% New

Shank Diameter : 2.35mm (3/32inch)

Matetial: Rubber + silicon carbide

Usage: Electric nail drill machine, drill manicure, manicure pedicure

Feature: Nail bit, pedicure bits, pedicure bit, nail polish drill, nail file bit,drill bit

Package List:1 set* silicon nail drill

Different between 7 colors

Gray:150 Grit






Blue: 800Grit

1) 2.35mm (3/32 inch) shank diameter, our drill bit fit for most electric manicure machines on the market.

2) Check nail bits before use, if it’s broken, do not use.

3) Always wear eye-protective safety glasses, avoiding the chippings to hurt your eyes.

4) For professional use only.

5) If the bits drop down, please check whether it’s broken or not. if it’s broken, for safety, do not use

6) Keep out of reach of children.

7) Disinfect nail bits after use.

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