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EasyNail 26 Types Super White Ceramic Nail Drill BitElectric Drilling Manicure Machine Accessories Nail Tool,Cuticle remover.

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– High strength, high hardness, non-friable (Shen fall to the ground)

– Itself a professional anti-bacterial medical ceramics, acid and alkali,

high temperature, ceramic is the ideal non-metallic materials

– Double-edged type, counter-rotating support, both simple to use


– This product is suitable for the nail area, does not apply to other body tissues!

– This product is a medical ceramics, anti-bacterial, anti-acid corrosion,

wear protective equipment before work.

– Please check before using the tool for damage, wear goggles when using,

so as not to cut into the eyes broken.

– This product shall be used by professionals, after dropping first check the tool

for damage, if damaged, please stop using it.

– Storage and use of the process to be away from children after use for disinfection.

Packing Included

1 x Ceramic Nail Drill Bit


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