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Dried Rose Petals Natural Flower Bath Spa Whitening Shower Dry Rose Natural Flower Petal Bathing Relieve Fragrant Body

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Description :

Dried Rose Petals Natural Flower Spa Whitening Shower Dry Rose Natural Flower Petal Bath Relieve Fragrant Body Rose petals can bath, also protect skin and beauty, is a kind of natural cosmetics and skin care products. It can alleviate the climate, balance the endocrine system, have a tonifying effect on the liver and stomach, and eliminate fatigue, improve physical fitness, calm and tastefully defined.
Rose petal bath for beauty care is by bathing bath water stimulation and flowers for local drug force, so clear, blood flow, so as to achieve the purpose of beauty color.

Specification :

Material : Real Flower
Color : Red
Application : Bath SPA , Wedding Party Decoration, Romance Night
Quantity : 1 Bag

Package Includes :

1 x A Pack of Rose Petals


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