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Cofoe Rechargeable Hearing Aid for The Elderly Hearing Loss Sound Amplifier Ear Care Tools Adjustable Hearing Aids


Cofoe BTE Hearing Aid for The Elderly Hearing Loss


☀ This product is rechargable hearing aids which suitable for people who hearing loss .

☀ If you reduce a certain type of noise, need to do an audiological examination. You need to adjust the hearing aid channel according to your hearing.


1.Super mini, weight 6 g.
2.Charging 2-4hours , working 36-48 hours.
3. Both left and right ears are suitable..
4. Low noise, low distortion.
5. Make sound clear and natural.
6. Volume adjustable.


Item Type: Hearing aids
Model Number:A-01
Weight: 6g
Size: 4.5cm*4.0cm*0.75cm
Charging type: USB rechargeable
Charging time:2-4H
Continuous working time:36-48 H
The equivalent input noise level<32dB

【Warm Tips】

☀ That is normally situation that hearing aid make whistle noise .

☀ About noise , you can do this 4 steps to remove it .
1.Adjust volume to the minimum before wearing.
2.Choose an earplug of slightly bigger size to avoid whistler.
3.Increase volume gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound.
4.Use a teeny bit of lubricant at the opening of the ear canal.

Do parents still unhappy with no sound ?

☼ Choose Cofoe Listening to all directions

there are no obstacles to communication

☼ Charging 2-4hours , working 36-48 hours

☼ Long battery life

☼ Can rotate 180°

☼ Small And Light Weight ( about 6g )

☼ Choose The Right to Avoid Screaming

Three eardrums of different sizes are presented

☼ Adaptive filter Make the voice clearer

☼ Unique serial number

Product Details

☼ Double color optional– Gold/skin color for your choice

Package included

1.Portable box
2.USB charging cable
3. 3 sizes earplug
4.Cleaning brush
5.Cleaning Cloth

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