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Cofoe handheld portable nebulizer medical nebulizer ultrasonic atomization child asthma adult mini usb charging


Cofoe Handheld portable Inhale Nebulizer Children Adult Rechargeable Automizer

Careful quiet mist


☀ High frequency oscillation out of fog
☀ Fine particles
☀ Low noise and mute
☀ Flat rate
☀ One-clink opreation
☀ Small and portable

【Two atomization modes】

☼ Mouthpiece mode
–Oral inhalation spray
☼ Mask mode
–Naturally aspirated inhalation spray

【Suitable for various charging devices】

☼ laptop
☼ mobile power
☼ Car USB
☼ USB plug board

Small and portable

Hold it to do atomization

Atomization can be done while asleep

Reduce residues and use economically

High utilization rate
medicine cup capacity:8ml ± 0.5ml

Scientifically control the fogging rate

Match your child’s breathing rhythm

Micron atomization

The fine particles are absorbed more effectively

One-click disassembly and cleaning

It can be removed by holding down the PUSH button, which is convenient for cleaning

USB charging design-Can be recycled use

Suitable for various charging devices

Two atomization modes

Adapt to different atomization needs
01:Mouthpiece mode

02:Mask mode

Product details

01:Fog outlet dust cover
02:Removable medicine cup
03:One key switch

Product parameter

Product Family Portrait

1:Product packaging
3.Adult mask
4.children’s mask
6.data cable
8.certificate of conformity

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