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Ceramic Nail Drill Bit Rotary Milling Manicure Cutter Machine Electric Nail Drill Accessories Pedicure Nail Art File Tools

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This section polishing tool can be used with the nail drill machine, for the production of crystal A, polished surface nails, the edge of personal care products.

Using engineering principles of design, fashion modeling, feel good. High-quality motors run without noise.

Grinding drill bits can be used interchangeably, can be positive and negative rotation, adjust the speed, with grinding, polishing, unloading, exfoliating, engraving radian and so on. Easy to use, safe and not hurt hands.


(1) the length of the nail cut will use the shape of the grinding head by the first two sides of the front end of the order of grinding, grinding into the desired shape.

(Normally there are 6 kinds of shapes of nail: A, Square B, Square C, Oval D, Sharp E, Circular F, Trumpet. Manicurist can suggest customers to choose their own shape according to customers’ hand shape.

(2) Note: When using the grinding head to shape the nails, be sure to pay attention to the nails on both sides of the grinding should be fine, the front shape must be rounded.


Nail for unloading gel, convenient and quick, save working time, improve work efficiency

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