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Brush for dry massage of the body Sifo-Oval on a long handle with a massager


Eco-brush on a long handle with Sifo massager is an effective means for dry body massage, made entirely of natural and eco-friendly material. The brush relieves stress, fights with the manifestation of cellulite, removes toxins and slag.

Product composition

  • Natural birch wood. The body of the brush is made of natural birch wood, which is completely safe and environmentally friendly. It is comfortable in the hand, does not cause irritation and various allergic reactions.
  • Natural cactus fiber. The pile of the product is made of natural fiber of Mexican cactus Tampico, which has antibacterial properties. This bristle has an active effect on the skin and muscles, but does not create discomfort.

Advantages of use

  • Stimulation. Dry massage drainage brush stimulates nervous endings, having a favorable effect on the work of internal organs.
  • Modeling. Massage body drainage cheek activates blood flow, accelerates fats, fights stretch marks, restores muscle tone and promotes modeling of the ideal silhouette.
  • Антицеллюлитный effect. Massage with brush accelerates fat subcutaneous deposits, making the contours of the body more accurate and helping to reduce the effect of “Orange Peel”.
  • Peeling effect. Dry massage helps to exfoliate the irrigation of skin particles, updating the surface of the epidermis and making it more elastic and well-groomed.
  • Detox effect. During the massage with a brush of deep layers of Derma, toxins, slag and other harmful and unnecessary substances are removed.
  • Cleansing effct. Brush Sifo has very thin and dense villi, which clean the skin well, eliminate excess Seine, pull out of the pores Sal plugs and comedones.
  • Ergonomics. The brush has a comfortable ergonomic long handle, so it helps to reach the most hard-to-reach places.
  • Safety. Despite the hard bristle, the brush does not scratch and does not damage the skin, carefully affecting it and not creating discomfort.
  • 100% eco. The brush consists of completely natural materials that favorably affect the skin and do not cause allergies. In addition, environmentally friendly material has a long service life and high performance.
  • Stylish design. The brush has an aesthetic stylish look and branded packaging in eco-style, which makes the product very presentable.

Release Form

The product is a two-sided oval wooden brush with a handle, hard light villi and massage pupus. The brush is covered with wax and is equipped with a strong ergonomic rope loop, through which you can conveniently blow your hand. In addition, the product is packed in a stylish bag made of natural flax with a logo.

Length изделия-415mm.

Method of application

Take the cheek in your hand and start massaging all areas of the body, starting from the bottom up-from the feet to the shoulders. Hips and stomach better massage with circular movements. Do not affect places with lymph nodes (groin, armpits and underarm pits). Pay special attention to the areas of the body prone to cellulite. During the procedure, the skin can blush slightly, which is a normal reaction of the body. Massage is best fixed with a contrasting shower.

After use, the brush should be washed, but so that the water does not fall on the wooden base.

Attention: The brush is only for dry use! Exposure to moisture can violate the performance of the product.

Material: Wood (Birch); natural fiber Tampico; rubber.

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