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Brace Support Belt Care Decompression Back Relief Waist Traction Backache Heat Therapy Pain Massager Bone Health Care Tool


Decompression Back Relief Waist Traction Brace Support Belt Care Backache Heat Therapy Pain Massager Bone Health Care Tool

Spinal traction belt is designed according to principle of traction, and realized vertical traction successfully,

and then achieve continue traction and supporting function.

The item can be used for prevention and adjuvant therapy of lumbar vertebra diseases such as lumbar Intervertebral

disc protrusion, disturbance of lumbar joint, hyperplasia of lumbar vertebra and so on.

It decrease the pressure of lumbar through traction, reduce the burden around ligament, bring good rest for damaged lumbar fibrous

ring. Under traction condition, the intervertebral space is increased, forming negative pressure space which is good for restoration

of prominence. Under traction condition, it can ease the oppression and stimulation which are worked on never root by prominence,

reduce the pain effectively. Traction can promote the blood circulation of parenchyma in waist. Relieve the pains caused by lumbar

muscle and rheumatism, enhance stamina and channel meridians. Relax lumbar muscle, restore the energy of backbone. It is very effective

for adjunctive therapy of chronic lumbar strain.

Item can be used for:

1. Prolapsed lumbar intervertebral discs.

2. Abnormal function of small joints of the lumbar vertebra.

3. Hyperplasia of lumbar vertebra.

4. Strenuous jobs requiring heavy lifting.

5. Long time driving or sitting.

6. Scoliosis and spondylolisthesis.

7. Low back pain caused by obesity.

8. Degenerative discs.


1. The belt transfers the weight off your spine

2. Decompressing the spine allowing for discs to return to normal

3. Reducing pain and pressure on pinched nerves.

4. Improving nutrient flow on your spine.

5. Aids in strengthening your core and back muscles.


Length of traction belt: 115cm(45.2 inch)

Before Inflation Width: 13cm (5.1 inch)

After Inflation Width: 20cm (7.9 inch)

Length of extension belt: 25.0cm


Outer layer: PU

Inner Layer:Cotton

Innerlayer of air inflation:TPU (Special soft material)

Package Including:

1 x traction belt

1 x hand air pump

1 x extend belt

1 x use manual

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