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Bluetooth Eye Massager Air Pressures Eye Care Device Wrinkle Fatigue Relieve Eye Vibration Massage Hot Compress Therapy Glasses

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Smart Eye Massager

Features:air pressures, vibration, hot compress


Color: White
Eye mask material: High-end PU
Shell material: ABS
Style selection:
Style 1 : With adapter
Style 2 :No adapter
Charging method: USB charging
Battery capacity: 1200MAh
Rated voltage: 5V1A
Rated power:4.5W
Massage method: air pressures, vibration, hot compress
Temperature range: 35~ 42°C


Smart air pressures, constant temperature hot compress, acupoint massage, vibration massage, meditation music, smart Bluetooth, 180 degree foldable, 5 modes

This product is a set of hot compress, vibration, rubbing pressure in one eye careinstrument.This eye care instrument applies the new concept of barometric pressure to the eyemassage to make it more humane. Under the control of micro-computer chip, air pressure can be used to massage all the eyes, to adjust the effect of the muscles aroundthe eye, to promote the blood circulation of the eye and to relieve the eye fatigue.The eye care instrument through the eye hot compress, vibration, kneading effect tomassage the eye. Eye care instrument inside the air bag, through the inflatable, gas-discharge process between the reasonable collocation of the eye around the kneadingmassage, at the same time with the internal vibration motor and hot compress the role ofthe human eye to produce a full range of humanized massage effect.


1. Hot Compress: 35-42degC heating temperature. Provide eye warm feeling.
2. Intelligent Air Pressures. Massage arounds the eye chakra, reduce puffiness and dark circles.
3.Relax with Music, connect to your phone through Bluetooth.
4. And it can realize three functions simultaneously
5. Fit for People: With visual fatigue and pseudo-myopia, use eye for long term with asthenopia, having been wearing glasses for long term, facing computer,cellphone or pad screen everyday.
6. Can reduce eye dark circle, soothing eye overwork. Enjoy yourself and be relaxable.

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