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Blue Contacts 2020 NEW HIDIROCOR Two Piece Colored Contacts beautiful pupil color contact lenses contact lenses for eyes color


HIDROCOR ®BLUE Series Circle Color Lenses

HIDROCOR ®Series BLUE color contact lenses offer you a surprising wearing effect.The black rim on circle lenses and vibrant color make your eyes appear larger and offer a more dramatic effect!

Colored Contacts : MCS1-9 BRILLIANT BLUE

Colored Contacts Lens:MCS1-11 TRUE SAPPHIRE

Colored Contacts Lens : MCS1-12 BLUE

Colored Contacts Lens : MCS2-7 AZUL

Colored Contacts Lens : MCS4-2 GRAY BLUE

Colored Contacts Lens : MCS7-2 BLUE

Colored Contacts Lens : MCS13-5 BLUE

Colored Contacts Lens : MCS14-1 BLUE

Colored Contacts Lens : MCS16-2 BLUE

Colored Contacts Lens : MCS19-4 BLUE

Colored Contacts Lens : MCS20-2 BLUE

Our Greatest Concern-Your health and wearing comfort

①Products comply with US FDA, European CE
②3-layer sandwich design to ensure
that the middle pigment layer does not touch
your eyes
③Ergonomic corner design, lens cornea minimize corner design, more comfortable
④Anti-UV material, effectively block and reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes

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