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Beauty Tapes EARLAP Ear Corrector

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EARLAP COSMETIC EAR CORRECTOR ( each pack includes 20 pcs Earlap and Solap Releaser )

EARLAP User’s Manual
Leaves no marks on the skin
Water Resistant
Duration for use varies between 3 and 7 minutes and it may expand according to the frequency of use.

Before use, you should thoroughly clean and dry the backside of your ear and the skin of your head.
The following application steps must be followed in order.

Put a little amount ( 1-2 drops ) of SOLAP on the scissors that you will use to shape Earlap. The solvent will enable Earlap, which is a solvent sensitive tape, to shape without sticking on your scissors.
Place Earlap in your ear in a suitable position.
Remove the blue protective tape of Earlap and stick the tape on the backside of your ear by slightly pressing

Wait for 2 minutes for the tape to get activated with your body heat Remove the white protection paper of Earlap and slightly press your ear towards your head in the position that you would like to stick (there should be no hair on the part corresponding to the tape).
Press your ear towards your head for 60 seconds and do not move your hand as much as possible while pressing.
Do not touch your ear for 2 hours and do not test whether it is stuck or not.
…and there you are.

For removing Earlap, put a very small amount of SOLAP on your fingertips.
Slowly open the area with EARLAP with your fingers applied SOLAP
Clean the EARLAP remains using SOLAP solvent
Type of Storage
Keep away from direct sunlight, humidity and hot environments.
Keep away from reach of children

At least 24 hours before application, a small part should be cut and stuck on the inner part of the arm and should be left there for 2 hours. If any redness, watery scar or swelling is seen, the tape should be removed without waiting 2 hours and the application should be discontinued. Earlap has passed all of the hypoallergy tests.
EARLAP can be used on babies safely, do not keep EARLAP at your baby’s ear more than 4 days, for adults do not keep EARLAP at your ear more than 7 days.

EARLAP is a product suitable for regular use; however, in case of any ache or allergenic reaction during use, application must immediately be discontinued and must not be applied again until the skin completely recovers.
EARLAP is designed in a way that will be affected in minimum from sweat and water. Before application, your skin should be cleaned including the hairs. EARLAP is used while doing sports or swimming. In such conditions, 3 hours of active recovery period should be left after application. You should not sweat for the first three hours after application and not allow to get in contact with water.

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