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Bath Salt flashing true love. Cool gift male and female


Useful and ароматная bath salt lolsoap:

  • Deep cleans and updates the skin, improving its drainage functions;
  • Fast saturates body useful 84 micro-and trace elements, which are essential for normal life;
  • Is a natural source of β-carotene;
  • Completely eliminates stress and fatigue;
  • Дарит pleasant freshness and comfort.

Lake добыта in unique соленом сасык-сиваш shore крымского полуострова. The planet all 4 of similar places where добывают pink sea salt: крыму, патагонии (South-America), San Francisco and the Red Sea.

Composition: Salt Sea сакская, гидрокарбонат sodium, трикарбоновая оксикислота oil, almond oil, Pearlescent Pigment, food coloring, perfume composition.

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