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Bath oil beads SPA Massage Oil Floral Essential oil for skin repair and moisturizing circular 2cm 3.9g


SPA Massage Oil Floral Bath Oils beads pearl flower aroma bath Oils circular 3.9g

Material: gelatin, glycerin, essential oil and nutrients



The bath oil beads smelled of fragrance, and are rich in active moisturizing ingredients to supply nutrient elements for human skin, so it’s effective to:

1. Maintain moisture and avoid dry skin;

2. Promote blood circulation and improve skin texture;

3. Effectively kill bacteria and avoid skin diseases;

4. Make the skin more moisture, luster;

5. Make body be with fragrance.

Using instruction

Put the appropriate amount of bath oil bead into the bathtub. It melts and releases natural bath oil into the hot water.

It can be daubed on skin to keep moisture as well when travelling.

No need to flush again after bathing.

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