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Bag Salt Epsom 4Kg, concentrated Source of Magnesium, Salt 100% Natural. Bath and Personal Care.


Bath relaxing Add 8 tablespoons (about 240g) in your hot water bath and hot (37-50 degree). Dip for 20 minutes one or two times a week. Facial Cleanser Mix 1/2 measurement (about 15g) with your cleansing cream usual. Massage your skin and rinse in cold water. Oily hair Mix 1 spoon (about 30g) with your shampoo usual. Wash normally and well flush. Bath toe Add 2 tablespoons (about 60g) in a container for hot and warm water. Soak feet for 10 minutes. Rinse and dry well. Massage exfoliating Natural Salt Epsom on wet skin during the shower, beginning with the feet and continuing to the face. The Salt Epsom, composed of magnesium sulphate crystals hydrated, is a wonderful concentrated source of magnesium, which favors the good health of your body, used traditionally in the bathroom immersion, therapies of flotation, treatments beauty and natural cosmetic. Our NortemBio Sal Epsom stands out by its various applications in industry and personal care

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