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Acnelyse cream 0.1% -20 g acne, fine wrinkles beatiful skin face damage rays caused by the sun


Acnelyse cream 0.1% -20 g acne, fine wrinkles, dark spots, or rough skin face damage rays caused by the sun

Acnelyse cream 0.1% 20 g What is acrylic cream? Tretinoin is the active ingredient of acnelyse cream, especially used in acne treatment. Vitamin A is the condensed form of vitamins and is the skin form. The upper layer of the skin peels the epidermis. It also speeds healing by stimulating the center, which allows collagen synthesis and self-repair of the skin. In what cases is the cream used? Acnelyse cream is usually indicated for the treatment of acne. It is also used in psoriasis, fish scale disease, increased skin thickness and spot treatment. Acnelyse cream works by peeling the top layer of skin. In this way, the epidermis cells, the upper layer of the skin, are renewed and rejuvenated. With the peeling of the top layer, bright and fresh skin comes out from the bottom. When you first apply a slight feeling of warmth and pain, this may be a normal finding if you have a lot of irritation and redness, you should stop using the cream and consult your doctor. How to use acnelyse cream Your doctor should use it as recommended. Usually it is rubbed into the skin in the evening and washed in the morning. Your skin should be clean. Apply a small piece of cream on your face with the tip of your finger and you don’t need to apply too much cream. It should not apply it around the eyes. If you have excessive irritation and burning on your skin, you should tell your doctor. When using acrylic cream, you will need to stay away from sun rays and use sunscreen. Otherwise, there may be a smear on the face. Fresh, vibrant skin from below is weak against sun rays and can be damaged quickly, so you should always use sunscreen during and after treatment. What are the side effects of Acnelyse cream Very common side effects are excessive irritation and burning sensation on the skin. Acnelyse rash and itching may occur in the applied area. Those who are allergic to the active substance they contain may experience difficulty breathing and redness throughout the body. In such cases, cream should not be used. During treatment, you should avoid materials such as soap, hair removal cream that will irritate the skin. When pregnant or nursing, you should always consult your doctor. It never applies to an open wound. Do not use Acnelyse cream a little, wait about 2 months to act. Use day moisturizer and sunscreen.

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