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Abdominal Muscle Stimulator Trainer Smart Wireless Abs Stimulator Fitness EMS Muscle Massager Electric Slimming Massage Machine


>>> Product Description(Made in China)


Electric Muscle Stimulator

[Power By]:

AAA Battery (not include)



[EMS Fitness]

1.EMS means electric muscle stimulation.

2.The principle of EMS fitness is to transmit micro-current signals to the human body through EMS equipment.

3.When our head receive these signals,it will stimulate muscle contraction and achieve the purpose of reducing fat and slimming.


1.Weight loss and muscle massage.

2.Simulate different exercise mode.

3.Smart and effective fitness,shape a perfect figure.

4.Meet your requirements of easy fitness.



>>> Don’t use in the following situations

1.Patient with implanted medical electronic device,such as heart rate regulator.

2.Patient with medical electronic device,such as artificial heart and lung.

3.Patient with wearable medical electronic instruments.

4.Such as anelectrocardiograph scanner.

5.Patient with epliepsy.

6.Patient has surgery recently.

7.Patient with disordered blood circulation.

8.Pregnant women and postpartum women.

9.Patient with cancer.

10.People who is allergic to hydrogel pad.

11.Injured areas of the body.

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