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80# Nail Drill Bit Diamond traditional pedicure polish Cap Foot Callus Cuticle Cutter Burr Bits For Manicure Accessories Milling

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Product description

Rounded head protects cuticles, 3/32 shank will fit any podiatry drill machine
For reducing calluses and cracks on heels, and gently removing rough skin from the foot
Non abrasive, non painful.Fine cone for smoothing top of nails, perfect for filing
Comes in an acrylic drill bit holder that is anti-dust. Can be autoclaved or liquid sanitized
Professional pedicure bit for callus and chiropody treatment


Material: Diamond
Head Shape: Large Cone
Head Size: Φ10mm, Φ13mm, Φ16mm coarse
Function: is same as sanding bands, use on foot, can be reuse

Package Content:
– 1 x Diamond Pedicure Bit
– 1 x Drill Bit Holder

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