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6 in 1 RF EMS Electroporation LED Light Photon Radio Salon Face Lifting Tightening Facial Deep Cleaning Massager Beauty Device



–Professional 6 in 1 rechargeable electric Skin Lifting Machine

–Multiple functions, a single machine to meet your multiple skin lifting needs

–RF, EMS, LED, Electroporation, Microwave pulse, Sonic cleaning and massage

— 5 LED colors, further improve skin quality

–3 keys control, light weight pen, easy to use

–Suitable for eyes, faces, heads, bodies and all skin type

–Main functions for Leading-in Nutrition, Nourishing&Anti-wrinkles, Tightening&Lifting, Removes Acne&Whitening, Deep Cleaning&Massage

–Safety and Household Using


Item Type: 6 in 1 Skin Lifting Machine

Material: ABS Plastic

Powder: Max 10W, 2.5W for charging

Voltage: Recharging

Plug: USB

Battery: 850 mAH

Handpiece weight:135g

Handpiece Size: 160*50 * 40mm/6.3*1.95*1.57 inch

Charging time: 15-20 minutes

Working time: 100 minutes after full charging

Standby time: 40 days

Package Included:

1 x Machine

1 x USB Line

1 x Charging Base

1 x English manual

you can choose with box or without box ,the difference is only with box or without box , the other accessories are the same , cause the box is a little heavy , will add delivery money , so will be more expensive

Indroduction of Beauty Words

* EMS electroporation anti-wrinkle and firming skin, lifting and tightening.

* RF radio frequency stimulates collagen regeneration.

* LED fades spots and whitening.

EMS (Electrical Stimulation)

* Slimming, tighten skin and reduce wrinkle.

* The device adopts four electrodes to conduct. It stimulates the muscles and activate the skin cellular, then

permeate beauty essence into skin ,reduce the wrinkles.


* Introducing the beauty essence to the skin deeply

* The electroporation is the technology that inject the collagen and hyaluronic acid into deep skin without a needle.

* Many beauty salons use iontophoresis which is difficult to inject the macromolecule components to the deep skin.

* The special technology electroporation could achieve ideal effect without any pain feeling.


* Permeating the beauty essence to the skin deeply

* Mesoporation free needles combines the technologies of mesotherapy and eletroporation.

RF (Radio Frequency)

* For detoxification, lymphatic drainage, improve blood circulation

* When electricity runs through living tissue the high energy flow generates heat as a characteristic of the

electrical energy and the resistance to electricity by the living tissue.

* This is another feature of this device that adapts electricity to be gentle on the skin.

LED (Light Energy)

* It works efficiently and stably without damaging the skin by using an especially LED light developed

exclusively for beauty equipment.

* Pink light (700nm +- 10nm): Whiten skin.

* Pink light flash (700nm +- 10nm): Enhance the beauty essential permeating.

* Red light (620nm +- 10nm): Active skin cellular tissue, act on fine wrinkle and flabby part, and renew elastic skin.

* Yellow light (590nm +- 10nm): Whiten skin, reduce spot.

* Blue light (415nm +- 10nm): Prevent and improve acne, improve skin oil and fat, eliminate and restrain bacteria.

using method

using the machine slide the area that need to Care,including area aroud eyes,slide direction from inside to outside , from down to up,notice do not stop at the same place for over 3 seconds

using Steps:

1,after clearning your face, using the skin care product first like emulsion or Essence,then start RF&EMS mode , promote the absorb of the skin care product

2,after finished absorb of the skin care product,using specific colorful light mode,firming skin and do other functions

We suggest you using skin care product first,then using colorful light mode,then the skin will become more exquisite,white and Elastic

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