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4PCS Dried flowe Bath Bombs Moisturizing Bath Salt Soap Bubble Shower Bombs Ball Body Cleaner Spa Essential Oil 100g/pcs



Quantity: 4Pcs/Set
Packing Weight: About 420g
Single Weight:100g/Pcs
Smell: Lemon, lavender, ocean,rose flavor


1. Remove the abandoned rough horny, such as your elbow, knee and your heel. The skin is smoother by exfoliating.
2. Our bathing ball does not contain artificial pigments and dyes. It doesn’t dirty your skin and bathtub.
3. It helps to eliminate the pain and stiffness of the joints and muscles. The sinus congestion is relieved and the tension is stretched.
4.Using all hand craftsmanship, it produces various shapes, good foaming effect and rich foam, which makes you feel very fresh experience in ordinary bathing.


This product is for external use only. Do not use it in the wound skin.
This product is not a substitute for medicine.
Please use it immediately after opening.
Please put this product in the shade where the sun doesn’t shoot straight.


The main component of product for sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, cellulose, sodium sulfate.

Use hand technology, to produce a variety of shapes, good foaming effect, rich foam, make you feel very strange experience in the ordinary bath .

Main function: exfoliating, peeling, refine pores, anti fatigue, sterilizing and antipruritic etc..

Salt / explosive salt is a product used to belong to the spa, spa tub, bath is a product used in body care, common bath. Salt bath has the following functions: activation of compact skin, relieve backache pain, muscle pain, dysmenorrhea, cold hands and feet, improve blood circulation.

Regulate metabolism and endocrine, reduce acne, acne and eczema, dermatitis, dry itching, crack and fungal infection and other skin problems.

It can also play an anti-inflammatory effect, relieve fatigue and relax the nerve.

Increase the oxygen content of the brain cells and repair the injury caused by the excessive use of the brain.

It can also reduce the physical discomfort caused by diabetes and so on.

It is often used for the metabolism of the body!

Use: the product is placed in salt bath, water, the body will be soaked in salt water, rub massage, then rinse clean, use bath ball, foam, towels and other better effect.

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