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3Bags(9pcs) Replacement Gel Pads Hip Muscle Trainer Replacement Massager Gel Sheet Muscle Stimulator Exerciser Pad

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1.Item name: Hydrogel gel sheets, accessory for EMS AB Trainer.
2.When should replace it:
(1)Obviously feel the conduction performance decreased,cause decreased strength.
(2)When it loses its adhesiveness, the adhesive surface(gel)dries out or is gouged or dirt/grime that cannot be removed exists.
3.How long can the gel sheets last?:About 30 times, if you use and maintain them it the right way.
4.How to maintain them in a right way: Clean/dry your skin before using; Stick them back to the cardboard after using.

Package List:

3pcs(1Set) EMS Hip Replacement Pads

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