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2PCS Balanced Armature Damping Damper Plugs filters Knowles Acoustic Dampers for Shure Se215 se315 se425 se535 Se846 TF10 LM5144


Knowles dampers for earphone tuning

Dampers are acoustic cloth screens for insertion inside acoustic tubing. These damping elements are used between the receiver outlet and the ear canal to smoothen the frequency response ( tune receiver’s response curve resonance peaks ). Various acoustical resistances and sizes are available, different damper diameters, and different damper positioning is examined via numerous examples.


1, Smoothen and shape frequency response 2, Various acounstical resistances and saizes

Optional dampers:

Green damper fit for low frequency unit, White damper fit for high frequency unit, Red damper fit for multi-frequency low frequency unit. Brown damper: SE420, SE846 Green damper:SE210 SE310 E3C E4C Etymotic ER4 series. White damper:SE530 SE535 E5C SCL5 Westone UM3x ER6i

Package includes:

2 PCS x Knowles dampers


Mostly, we use the dmaper mounting tool to position the damper into tubing, and sometimes, you may need to replace the damper, so we better position the cloth to be facing towards the driver

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