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1PCS Natural active enzyme body skin whitening ALOEVERA soap for private parts fade areola

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Benefits From This Aloe Saop:

1,combats acne and pimples

2,anti bacterial (bacteria & oil causes of pimples, acne, black and whiteheads and clog pores)

3,healing and cell regenerating(anti-aging)

4,lightens pigmentation & scars (scars on body as well)

5,improves immunity of skin (prevents breakouts)

6,improves blood circulation – radiant skin, evens skin tone

7,recharges and refreshes dull tired skin

8,suitable for face & body (for all skin types)

9,reduces hair loss when used as a shampoo

10,eliminates genital odor

11,can be used like toothpaste for healthy, vibrant gums

12,clears ruddiness, lightens freckles

13,relaxes facial and neck muscles

14,clears nail discoloration

15,softens dark under eye circles & drooping eyelids

Main ingredients:

Aloin, vitamin, protein, free amino acid, a variety of trace elements


the date printed at the outside of package is production date, 3 years quality guarantee.

Package List:

1 x Aloe soap (85g)

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