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120g bath bomb,100g soap , essential oil, nourishing, moisturizing, body care handmade stress relief , Christmas gift

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Type: Bath Bombs,Handmade Soap

Net weight:Bath Bombs 4.2oz( 120g),Handmade Soap 3.5oz(100g)

Flavor: Bath bomb: Lavender,Sweet olive, Jasmine, Camomile, Green tea, Rose

HandmadeSoap:Lavender,Jasmine,Rose ,Marigold,Citronella,Peach

Skin type: universal

Main Ingredients:

Bath Bomb: Bath salt ,Essential oil , Citric Acid, Cocoa butter , Baking soda, Corn starch

Handmade soap: Olive oil,Sodium Palmate,Glycerol,Sugar, Grape seed oil,Plant extracts


A wonderful bathing experience : Do you want to experience a marvelous bath ? Handmade soap and bath bombs can help you. Firstly take a shower and wash your body with soap ,rub bubbles and gently massage on the skin .After showering, fill the bath tub with hot water, and then put bath salts in the tub and your body soaks int the bathtub about 30-60mins under the environment of aromatic scents . Bath salts can promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue . More importantly, your skin will be nourished and moisturized .


1. Stored in a cool place and being avoid of direct sunlight.

2.Net weight of each ball is 120g (ranged roughly ±3%) since handmade.

3. Net weight of each soap is 100g (ranged roughly ±3%) since handmade.

4.1set =2ball+3soap+1color box ( 6 balls and 6 soaps selected as you like)

Package Included:
1set=2ball+3soap+1color box


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