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12 Color 10g Healthy Natural Mineral Mica Powder DIY For Soap Dye Soap Colorant Makeup Eyeshadow Soap Powder Skin Care New

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Product Characteristics:The mica powder is a kind of non metallic minerals.It takes the natural or synthetic mica flakes as nuclei,while its surface is coated with a layer or alternately coated multilayer titanium dioxide and other metal oxides.Thus ,extremely beautiful pearl luster and metallic sheen come out.It is semi natural powder, has goodelasticity,toughness, high temperature resistance, insulation,acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance,strong adhesion,is an excellent additive.

Can be used for:Material For DIY :Makeup, Skincare Products, Soap ,Eyeshadow and so on .


Material:Semi Natural
Condition: Brand New & High Quality
Type: Soap Colorant
Color:As the pictures show

Weight: 10g

Package include:10g/bag

Note: Material for soap DIY, high quality and easy to be used.
Note:Photo shoot out effect may exist a certain color.


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