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10g Hotel Bathroom Bath Salt Ball Bomb Aromatherapy Salt Handmade Bath Cleaner Products Gift Bombs Body Type Bathing L8M5

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Use crowd: men and women
Skin type: universal
Product Name: Bath Ball
Product color: random color
Product weight: 10g
Product Details:

The main ingredients of this product are: baking soda, citric acid, cellulose, yuan Ming powder

Using all the manual processes, you can make a variety of shapes, foaming effect, and rich foam.

Let you experience a very new experience in a regular bathtub.

Main effects: exfoliation, exfoliation, fine pores, anti-fatigue, sterilization and itching.
Instructions for use: Put the bath salt into the bathtub, the product will be in contact with water, and the body will be immersed in salt water.
Massage and rinse with water. Use bath balls, foam, towels, etc. for better results.
Period of use: see the packaging label for the deadline
How to use: Clean the face, apply the mask on your face, relax for 15 minutes, remove the membrane and absorb excess liquid.

Package Included:
1*Bath ball

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