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100 Pcs New Arrival Natural Silk Cocoons Purifying Whitening Exfoliating Scrub Blackhead Remover Facial Silkworm Balls Skin Care


100% Organinc Natural Silk Cocoons, which has plenty of moisturizing facto of Silk Protein & Sericin,great effects for cleaning and freshing your skin.Widely used for facial scrub, facial cleanser or use after washed make up in beauty salon.It may a little deformation during the shipping.

How to use:
1.When bathing or washing face.Please wash them with warm water before using cocoon.
2.Taking a dip in the warm water for about 3-5 minutes in 90 degrees.
Coccon can be used when natural cocoons ball has been filled with water and become soft.
3.Put the coccon balls in with the index finger when they are become soft, and then gently massage skin with cocoons. After that, please try to use moisturizer and serum for moisturizing your skin.

Item Type:Scrub & Body’s Treatment
Ingredient:as shown

Package Includes:
1 set(100pcs)* Silkworm cocoon

1.There is peculiar smell when natural cocoon ball put into the warm water for soaking.And they may have black matter occasional, which is a normal phenomenon, please do not worry about it.
2.After you received the package,there may be dis for mation during the long-distance transport. Please do not worry, just put your fingers in gently to the sunken top up, cocoons can recover from deformation, which will not affect any the quality and usage.

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