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10 Type Ceramic Nail Drill Bits For Electric Drill Manicure Accessory Milling Cutter Suitable for all Nail Drill machines


Product advantages:

1. Featured ceramic grinding head, durability ten times faster than high-speed tool

2 corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, long-term to maintain its sharpness

3 small, circular design, easier to remove the dead skin near the nails

4. Made of ceramic and stainless steel, not rusty

Different models show the corresponding use:

Red (F fine grain): thin stripes, used to remove the bulge +on the natural nails and skin stains.

Blue (M in the grinding): stripes in the middle, used to polish the edge of the nail and inside, making it more smooth and flat.

Green (C Coarse Grinding): Coarse streaks for large areas of nail service, unloading faster.

Based on the three basic FMG grinding patterns, the following two types have been developed:

XF ultra-fine ( yellow), XC ultra-coarse (black)

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